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Fabric Design

Abstract Surface Pattern Designer

Organic Calico Cotton - Natural Luxury Linen - Wallpaper


 Qualified in visual merchandising retail display and design. I spent many years working as a visual merchandiser and I have a natural flare for all things home interior. My love for interior styling has been with me all my life, from a young age I was helping my parents decorating, making my own soft furnishings. I have a fascination with property, always wondering what they look like inside. My husband and I have renovated several properties. During Covid-19 lockdown and having more time, I want to get creative again. I needed a lampshade for my living room and started to experiment with different styles and dyes. This is where Molly & Bobby Designs started, getting back to my love of fabrics and textiles which has been with me since my childhood. The process of design has been evolving in the last two years, hand dying to digital design.

My husband and I live with our dog in a 18th century cottage in South Devon.

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Abstract Designs

Carolyn is a abstract surface pattern fabric and wallpaper designer. Starting from hand painting fabric or paper and then digitally re-creates the contemporary vibrant designs.

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Stunning Wallpaper

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